Melissa Azulay Designs


What is Melissa Azulay Designs?

Artday is an online destination that tells stories behind interesting design objects and creators, curated across across fashion, home and art. Browse and buy from shoppable editorials on Artday, designed to take shoppers on the journey of an object from idea to form.

What does Melissa Azulay Designs?

Artday sells premium design goods that may be limited editions or one-of-a-kind that range from fashion, accessories, homeware, furniture to art work.

How can I trust buying from Melissa Azulay Designs? 

We know that safety and trust are really important to you and being frequent online shoppers ourselves we take it seriously. When you purchase an item on Artday, we hold your payment safe until you tell us you’ve received your order. Only then do we release your payment to the seller. We select our creators with care and we stand behind every purchase made on Artday so that you can buy with confidence.

 Can I sell and advertise with Melissa Azulay Designs?

 We’re always looking for interesting creators making great design creations that comes with a story to tell. Currently, only featured creators are allowed to sell with Artday. We are working towards launching the open section of our marketplace. If you are interested in being featured, or want to sell on Artday, please apply here.